Cream Drop


Ube Leche Flan

  • time
    1 hr 45 mins (chill overnigh)
  • servings
    10-12 servings
  • difficulty

Ube Leche Flan

Enjoy two classic Filipino desserts in one - Ube and Leche Flan!


1 cup
¼ cup

Leche Flan:

1 cup
1 can
condensed milk
6 pcs
egg yolks
3 pcs
½ cup

Ube Cake:

¼ cup
all purpose flour
½ tsp
baking powder
3 tbsp
coconut milk
¾ tsp
ube extract
3 tbsp
ube jam
3 pcs
egg whites
1 tbsp


  1. Combine sugar and water in a sauce pan. Cook over low heat until light golden brown. Swirl to even out the color. Pour into 3 large lyanera and set aside to cool. (10 minutes) .

  2. Mix NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream, water, condensed milk, egg yolks, eggs, and sugar. Strain and pour into the 3 lyanera. Cover tightly with aluminum foil and steam for 25 - 30 minutes or until the middle part is barely set. (40 minutes).

  3. Sift all purpose flour and baking powder. In a separate bowl, mix coconut milk, ube extract, and ube jam until smooth. Pour wet ingredient into dry ingredients and mix until smooth. (10 minutes).

  4. Separately beat egg whites until frothy. Add sugar and continue to beat until soft peaks. Fold into the ube mixture. (10 minutes).

  5. Remove lyanera from the steamer. Remove aluminum foil and pour ube cake batter ¾ of the way. Cover with aluminum foil and continue to steam for another 30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean after inserting in the middle the cake pan. (40 minutes).

  6. Set aside to cool completely. Refrigerate overnight. Insert a small knife around the pan and unmold on a serving plate. Serve chilled.

NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 125ml