Cream Drop



  • time
    1 hr 15 mins
  • servings
    5-6 servings
  • difficulty


Recreate this classic Filipino dessert! This Silvanas recipe makes mouth-watering frozen cookies made with cream, toasted, cashews, and crushed graham crackers.



½ cup
egg white (4 pcs of egg)
1 tsp
cream of tartar
¾ cup
¼ cup
ground toasted cashew
¼ cup
all purpose flour


½ cup
butter, softened
1 pack
125ml NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream, chilled
2 cups
powdered sugar


1 cup
ground toasted cashew
¼ cup
ground graham cracker


  1. Combine egg white and cream of tartar in a mixing bowl. Whisk until fluffy. Gradually add sugar while whisking until stiff peaks.

  2. Mix ground cashew and flour. Gradually fold in the egg white mixture until combined. Transfer into a piping bag and pipe 3-inch round disks on a sheet tray lined with buttered and floured parchment paper.

  3. Bake in a preheated 320°F oven for 30 – 40 minutes or until dry and crunchy. Set aside to cool completely.

  4. For the filling, whip butter for 2 minutes. Add powdered sugar and NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream and whip until light. Set aside.

  5. Mix ground cashew and graham cracker to make coating.

  6. Spread filling in between 2 meringue cookies. Cover the outside with the same filling and coat with cashew and graham cracker mixture. Freeze until serving.

NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 125ml