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Mango Meringue Ref Cake (Party Size)

  • time
    30 mins (chill overnight)
  • servings
  • difficulty

Mango Meringue Ref Cake (Party Size)

This ref cake recipe combines the crunchy and crumbly goodness of broas and meringue with the sweetness of mangoes and cream. Makes enough for your party guests to enjoy!


1/3 cup
condensed milk
5 pcs
2 pcs
ripe mangoes, diced
6 – 8 pcs
store-bought small white meringue cookies
1 pack
4-finger KITKAT®, crushed


  1. Whip NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream with condensed milk.

  2. Place a layer of broas at the bottom of a container. Add a layer of diced mango and sweetened NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream.

  3. Add a layer of meringue cookies, sweetened NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream, diced mango, and KITKAT®. Refrigerate overnight. Serve well chilled.

NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 250ml