Cream Drop


Creamy Milo Dinosaur

  • time
    10 mins
  • servings
    2 servings
  • difficulty

Creamy Milo Dinosaur

Recreate your childhood favorite with the milky taste and creamy texture of MILO® Dinosaur.


½ small can
condensed milk (108g)
5 tbsp
MILO® powder
2 cups
crushed ice


2 tbsp
chocolate spread
2 tbsp
condensed milk
3 tbsp
MILO® powder


  1. Blend NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream, condensed milk, MILO®, and crushed ice in a blender.

  2. Spread chocolate spread on the side of serving glasses. Dip rim of a glass in condensed milk and coat with MILO® powder.

  3. Pour MILO® shake and top with more MILO® powder. Serve immediately.

NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 125ml