Cream Drop


Coffee Crumble Cake Jar

  • time
    20 minutes (Chill overnight)
  • servings
    2-3 servings
  • difficulty

Coffee Crumble Cake Jar

This quick and easy Coffee Crumble Cake Jar recipe is the perfect way to top off a festive meal!


1/3 cup
condensed milk
1 tsp
NESCAFÉ classic, dissolved in 2 tbsp hot water
6 pcs
1 tbsp
NESCAFÉ 3-in-1, dissolved in ¼ cup hot water
¼ cup
chocolate chips
4 pcs
cookies and cream, crushed


  1. Whip NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream with condensed milk and coffee until light and smooth. (10 minutes)

  2. Moisten broas with NESCAFÉ 3-in-1 coffee. (2 minutes)

  3. Assemble cream mixture, broas, chocolate chips, and cookies and cream in layers in a container. (5 minutes)

  4. Refrigerate overnight. Serve well chilled.

NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 125ml