Cream Drop


Buko Pandan

  • time
  • servings
    3-4 servings
  • difficulty

Buko Pandan

A popular Filipino dessert with coconut, gelatin, and the signature sweet-creamy syrup!


1 tbsp
pandan flavor gelatin
1 pc
young coconut, shredded and coconut water reserved
2 tbsp
sugar (for gelatin)
1 drop
green food coloring
½ small can
condensed milk (108g)


  1. Add gelatin to ¼ cup of coconut water to bloom. Set aside.

  2. Simmer remaining coconut water with sugar and green food coloring. Stir in gelatin mixture. Gently simmer until dissolved. Pour into a container. Set aside to cool. Cut into cubes.

  3. Combine NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream and condensed milk. Add gelatin and shredded coconut. Mix well and refrigerate overnight. Serve well chilled.

NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 125ml