No wonder cream is such an amazing ingredient. It can give dishes that rich, creamy taste and thick texture, helping make our meals, dining moments, and moods even better. Here are some wonderful ways of how the goodness of cream can help create delightful dishes.

Cream in Savory Dishes

In general, using cream can help take the dish to a whole new level, giving the dish extra flavor, richness, and depth.  Cream can be a good base for your savory dishes, and is very versatile - enough to be paired with vegetables and different kinds of meat. It helps balance the different flavors of your ingredients together to make for a truly delightful dish. Some examples of popular cream-based dishes are Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Pastel, and Chicken ala King.

Want to make the pan sauces of your everyday dishes extra delish? Add in cream to your sauce as you cook, and season to taste for that rich, thick and velvety texture. You can even add cream to your traditional Pinoy recipes to give them a unique and terrific twist! Though not included in regular Bistek, Adobo and Kaldereta recipes for example, cream may be added to these dishes to give the sauce more depth, and give these dishes a creamier, richer taste and flavor. It will make your loved ones Oohhing and Ahhing in delight!

Cream in Pastas

Some of our most well-loved pastas have cream as its base, like Creamy Carbonara, Truffle Pasta, and Fettucine Alfredo. The versatility of cream makes it a great sauce for different pasta recipes– like Chorizo Pasta, Tuna Fettucine, and Baked Macaroni.

 Add it to your pasta sauces like in your classic, family favorite Spaghetti. It helps balance out the tanginess of the tomato sauce, making for a creamy, Pinoy sweet-style spaghetti the kids will be asking for more.

Cream in Dips and Dressings

Your salad dressings and dips are also examples of delightfully creamy concoctions! Aside from the taste, cream as a base for your salad dressings and dips binds your ingredients together to make every spoonful a consistently yummy and creamy experience.  Pair it as is with your favorite fruit salad and macaroni salad.


If you find that your usual vinaigrette or dressing is too tangy or strong in taste, you can add cream for an exciting and unexpected twist. Cream also gives dips more body and thickness, making it easier to scoop out all that yumminess with your vegetables and chips.


Cream in Marinating

Did you know cream can also be used for marinating? Try and you’ll see that it helps moisten and tenderize the meat. The thickness of cream also helps hold all the seasonings and flavors – keeping all that deliciousness in place.

Cream in Soup and Stews

Create thicker and velvety smooth cream soups and Sunday stews with cream and slurp away to heavenly, creamy, bliss! Apart from adding that creamy taste and texture, cream gives good aroma to the broth. It makes soups more inviting and palatable – the family will be rushing to the dining table! You can also drizzle the cream at the top of your tomato soup, pumpkin soup or squash soup as garnish so that it looks as good as it tastes.


Cream in Desserts

Cream is an important base for a lot of desserts, such as Fruit Salad, Trifles and Cream Pies. It also helps makes cakes or cupcakes more moist and fluffy. Drizzle or pipe cream into your desserts to give it that extra flavoring and decoration. Your kids will be delighted!

Here are just some of the reasons why cream can bring out the best in any kind of dish. It helps keeps everything in your kitchen more exciting. There are so many creations you can whip up this week with cream! So wait no more, and make tomorrow`s menu more delightful with NESTLÉ Cream!

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