As Dorothy once said, “There’s no place like home”, and boy, we couldn’t agree more, especially during this time of year!

Playing Christmas music of your choice on loop, eating lola’s special dish on the table, spending time with everyone present - family, friends, and loved ones… These are just some of the things that make being together at home with the whole family a great joy of Christmas. Here are also our top 3 reasons why Christmas reunions are best spent at home:


1. Making lasting memories at the comfort and convenience of being together at home 

Sometimes, it’s the simple moments of having everyone together at home that can make the best memories. Storytelling is brought to a whole new level of delight with everyone gathered at the dining table, getting comfortable at home, and laughing and squealing while gleefully sharing funny, and sometimes even embarrassing stories about each other. Old photo albums and video recordings are brought up to recount precious moments of shared merriment.

The glee and laughs of reunions at home can last ‘til the wee hours of the night and the morning. These all give way to wonderful, delightful, festive moments that stay in our heart for a long time.


2. Celebrating family traditions that are worth coming home to

“Family traditions help define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable, and safe in a confusing world.” This holds true, especially during Christmas, because each family has its own set of traditions that help make being together with their loved ones more special.  Bringing out everyone’s favorite classic and childhood movies – the ones you don’t tire of watching, jamming and singing together on some old school songs and Christmas carols, with your sister playing the piano, are some delightful examples of traditions that are worth coming home to.

3. Family favorite meals that excite, delight, and can only be found at home

Remember that Christmas dish you just can’t get enough of, the one made by your mom, lola, or Tita? Though there are many different versions of Creamy Carbonara or Fruit Salad for example out there, they will not taste the same as the versions made by your loved ones. These dishes are made more special because of the love and effort put in by your loved ones in making them, and are family staples that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.  Dishes like this and other family favorites made at home help make Christmas reunion celebrations truly worth coming home to!

 This year, try creating these dishes with a creamy twist, which may just be a new family favorite your loved ones can come home to:                

  • Starters - For starters, these Creamy Beef Crunchy Cups are easy to make, and delish to eat! Munch on these while playing Bingo, karaoke, or any other family pastime.


  • Main Dish - For your main dish, this family favorite Scrumptious Creamy Carbonara recipe will help get your loved ones’ hearts excited.


To make eating a sumptuous meal during your Christmas reunion even more delightful, you can even decorate your dinner table to truly turn it into a festive feast.  Choose some Yuletide-themed cutlery, tableware, glassware, and add that special touch with holiday-themed name cards with your guests’ names handwritten with a calligraphy pen!


Need more recipes? Why not try this O-M-Grilled Chicken Salad and Extra Pleasing Cheese Pimiento Chicken for a delightful twist on your ordinary dishes, and a Triple Delish Black Forest Trifle to really bring the holiday cheer. You can also go to our Creamy Recipes page for more delightful dishes for your Christmas reunion.


Plan your next family reunion and discover more reasons on why heartwarming, homemade, home-spent Christmas gatherings truly make the season bright!