Steal the show and make no room for drama with these holiday starters.


                                   Honeyed Cream of Squash Soup
                                  Start it sweet with this creamy soup that pleases all, it can smoothen any dining room drama.


                                   Cashew Hummus
                                  Be careful. This hot and zesty starter might steal one’s thunder. Serve with caution, and a lot of pita.



                                   Chicken Canapes
                                  These tiny nibblers are so cute and oh so delish, your guests will want to sink their teeth into these as                                                                       soon as they see it.


                                   Shrimp Walnut and Mozzarella Dip
                                  Steal the show with this creamy and crunchy shrimp dip.


                                   Salad in a Tomato Cup
                                  This appetizer looks so dramatic, it’s definitely a stand out.


                                   Chicken Ala King
                                  This glorious appetizer – a royal blend of chicken, vegetables, and cream – is sure to please any Drama                                                                       Queen.