Add a bit more delight to your afternoons by preparing a light meal with your kids.

1. Macaroni and Cheese Cups

For a quick merienda idea, this Macaroni and Cheese Cups is a treat for you and your family with its cheesy, creamy and peppery flavors. The delectable macaroni wrapped around cheesy, creamy, goodness will make your day!

2. Apple Turon with Ice Cream

Deep-fried and delicious apple-filled goodness in less than 45 minutes? Believe it! These dainty dessert turons are stuffed with a sumptuous apple stew bursting with cinnamon and citrusy flavors. On top sits luscious and creamy scoops of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with yummy chocolate syrup.

3. Creamy Tacos

For something different yet familiar, add some cream to your taco filling for a delightful kick! The tangy tomato sauce and spiced beef mixed together and packed inside crisp taco shells make for a tasty snack that will help add some spice to any boring afternoon.

4. Irish Fish Cakes with Creamy Mustard Sauce

Have a taste of Ireland with this traditional Irish recipe. The contrast of the fluffy mashed potatoes inside and golden crispy texture outside, plus the mustard cream dip make for a heavenly treat. 

5. Creamy California Crab Sandwich

This easy to prepare sandwich in less than 30 minutes will be a welcome break in the afternoon. Made with crabsticks, cucumber, mango, and ham, this satisfying snack willhelp keep the conversation going.

For your refreshment, prepare some iced tea to accompany your meals. A neat trick is to combine different flavors together such as apple and lemon, or lemon and calamansi.

For more snack ideas you can prepare for your kids, visit the Create with Cream Recipe Page!