Filipinos love fiestas. It’s a special time where our loved ones gather to fun-filled activities and delicious food to celebrate feasts of our patron saints. This year, why not surprise your family and friends by whipping up these Pinoy favorites, leveled up with a creamy twist? Try these all-time favorite Pinoy Fiesta dishes made even more delightful at your own celebration.


Creamy Classic Spaghetti



An all-time favorite of Filipino fiestas! Tiny nuggets of ground beef, and hotdogs twirled in a creamy bed of pasta, makes this dish more savory. Grated cheese on top is a staple to any Pinoy spaghetti, but the addition of the cream to the sauces makes the whole dish more succulent – your guests will want more!



Marvelously Tasty Maja Blanca



One of our fiesta dessert favorites! Surprise your family with these heavenly slices of Maja Blanca. Made of evaporated milk, cornstarch and sugar whisked over a low heat pan, adding cream to the mixture makes it smooth and thick. Add corn kernels then refrigerate for two hours or until set before serving.


Creamy Buco Salad Fiesta


The buco salad is a staple to every Filipino celebration. Level it up by using NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream! The consistency of the cream coats every bit of fruit in the salad, giving your guests a delectable treat in every bite. Satisfy your family’s taste buds by serving it chilled for a more tasty experience!


Savory Mock Lechon Liver Sauce


The star of all fiestas! Why not give your meat dish extra servings of love with this savory mock lechon liver sauce.  Create this scrumptious liver sauce that goes well with any kind of lechon. Made up of liver spread combined with fried garlic, a touch of cream makes the sauce thicker and enhances the flavor.


Try these recipes for your own fiesta, and visit our Creamy Recipes page for more fiesta recipes!