They say that one of the most fulfilling thing about being a mother is sharing those precious moments with the family – whether it be big milestones like a child’s first walk or first day of school, or simple everyday delights like shared giggles and smiles through stories and conversations over a sumptuous family meal.

This Mother’s Day, continue to celebrate those precious moments that make everyday filled with love by having a fun family bonding in the kitchen. Involving the whole family in the meal preparation, teaching the kids to prepare meals made with love, watching Dad put in his best effort in the kitchen, can be an experience you will fondly look back to.

Here are 4 easy recipes you can whip up with the whole family:

Quick Curried Chicken Canapés



Get a heartwarming feast starting with these flavorful Chicken Canapés. Made of chicken, apple, celery, almonds and pineapple, a touch of cream in the salad dressing adds richness to the chicken mixture. Be sure to have the kids help out with the mixing! Top off with a sprinkle of almonds to add a nice crunch. 

Extra Pleasing Cheese Pimiento Chicken


This chicken recipe is definitely quick and easy to make! The yummy cheese pimiento adds flavor to the chicken while the cream adds a heavenly texture to the dish. Don’t forget to add some mashed potato and sautéed vegetables on the side. Serve it on a warm skillet for a unique presentation but be sure to handle it with caution especially with the kids around!

Bibingka Supreme


Soft, golden, and buttery, the whole family will surely enjoy creating this yummy Filipino favorite! A touch of cream in the mixture adds moisture and makes it fluffier. Let your kids do the decorating with some grated cheese and salted egg on the top.

Cookies and Cream Panna Cotta


Your kids will surely enjoy making this scrumptious cookies and cream panna cotta! Just combine chocolate cookies, sugar and melted butter into individual serving cups. Adding  NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream to the cream cheese adds texture and makes the mixture thicker. Chill for at least 6 hours and serve it for the kids to enjoy!


Make this year’s Mother’s Day celebration extra special and extra memorable by preparing special dishes at home with the whole family!  To continue the bonding moment on your special day, why not try these relaxing activities:

  1. Gather the family in the living room and watch your favorite movies.
  2. Call a home service massage and pamper yourself with some mani-pedi.
  3. Play your favorite board game with the kids.
  4. Plan for your next family vacation!


In the end, it’s those moments of love with the family that make being a mom one of the most fulfilling roles in the world. You deserve the best, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!