When it comes to welcoming Christmas into our homes, celebrating with food is a great way to bring the family and loved ones together.

As we count down the minutes before the clock strikes twelve and we open the presents under our Christmas Trees, it’s best to have a festive feast of dishes ready for the partaking! Here are some delectable and unique dishes that are sure to delight your loved ones this Noche Buena:

  • Starters

This creamy and chunky Seriously Creamy Maraconi Salad would be an ideal salad for your Christmas menu. It’s oh so delectable, and oh so flavorful, and will leave your family wanting oh so more!

  • Main Dish

Imagine your family’s delight once you give them a serving of this yummy Crispy Beef Ribs with Creamy Goodness Gravy. With meat that easily falls off the bone and is generously lathered in savory dressing, it’s definitely a dish that keeps on giving.

  • Dessert

Lastly, as a nod to the traditional Filipino Christmas feast, treat your loved ones with a Luscious Queso de Bola Cream Pie dessert.



If these delectable dishes are not enough, keep the celebration coming with this Mmmacaroni and Four Cheese Bake. Treat them to the family favorite Creamy Fruit Salad Fiesta, or try this Sparklingy Creamy Mango Spritzer, a beverage great for any celebration.

For other jolly and merry recipes and ways to delight this Holiday season, check out our other Holiday Inspiration articles and our Creamy Recipes page!   Celebrate the season of giving in your household by preparing the gift of delicious food and heartwarming gestures that’s sure to knit your family much closer together.