Here are some ways you can transform your leftovers into more delicious meals fit for any party.

The Christmas season is a lovely time of joyous celebrations marked with lights, laughter and luscious food. But for every delightful gathering, there’s a confusing morning-after where you, as the host, find yourself wondering what to do with heaps of leftovers. But fear not! Here are some ways you can transform your leftovers into more delicious meals fit for any party.



Bring new life to your leftover Christmas ham and chicken fillet by using it as a filling for these Crazy Tasty Monte Cristo Crispers! Place the ham on top of bread made creamier with NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream, mayonnaise, and mustard.  Does your chicken have some extra love to give?  Use it to make Wrapped Creamy Chorizo Chicken Quesadillas just by adding some cheese and sausages!


Keep the delight going by serving pasta after your last Christmas party. Turn your unused or uncooked pasta into this Creamy Dreamy Spaghetti that’s popular with the kids. Just add a mix of NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream and tomato sauce and fully coat your pasta to give it a dose of heavenly yum. 


Wondering how to use up extra fruits after making Fruit Salad Fiesta for everyone? Serve chopped fruits like apple, banana, grapes and strawberry with this Creamylicious Chocolate Fondue.  If you have extra slices of plump, juicy mango left over from making Very Creamy Vanilla Pudding with Mango Puree for your Christmas party, you can even use those slices of mango  to make Mango Custard Delight.  Just top the mango slices over your custard!

If your cupcakes and chocolates want to give love that tickles one’s taste buds in another way, you can use it to create Goody ChewyTruffles. Combine cupcakes with your favorite chocolates, like KIT KAT® and NESTLÉ Baby Ruth and roll and form into balls to make the inner layer of your truffle.



This Extra Loving One-Bowl Bread Pudding recipe calls for day-old pandesal to give that rush of delish that will make your loved ones remember Christmas at its purest.


Help make regular days feel like Christmas by transforming your queso de bola into other festive feasts! Grated queso de bola added to cream cheese, milk, and sugar and folded in whipped NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream serves as the star of this Luscious Queso de Bola Cream Pie. Meanwhile, grated queso de bola, NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream and milk can deliciously coat your macaroni to make this Quickie Creamy Queso de Bola Mac & Cheese.


Remember, you can always create new delights out of extra ingredient and servings of heavenly dishes! Try either of these recipes to set hearts and tummies glowing in no time this holiday season, or go to our Creamy Recipes page for more recipes!